Introduction Fast facts
  • Adjustable ventilation grille

    • Horizontal fixed front blades and vertical directional back blades
    • Can be mounted with or without mouting frame

    • Horizontal fixed front blades in demountable louvre assembly (flow pattern can be directed 8° or 18° angle upwards and downwards by turning the blade section)
    • Vertical directional back blades
    • SI grilles larger than width W>1500 and/or height H>1000 are available with modular construction.
    • Made of aluminium profile.
    • Painted in white RAL 9010, other colours available on special order.
    • Mounting frame K is made of hot galvanized steel sheet.
    • Adjusting device S is made of hot galvanized steel sheet. The regulation blades are made of aluminium.
    • Connection box TG for supply and TGE for exhaust air.